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Goat Share Program

Goat Share

I offer a goat share program so you can drink raw milk from your own goat. To drink raw goat milk from your own goat is legal.  It is illegal to sell raw milk in Michigan. The goat share program works like this. 

 You have to buy a share of a goat to own it. One share is $50 and a half a share is $25. This is a one-time purchase and is not yearly. 

 Now you own the goat and leave it on the farm. We do all the work like feeding, watering, shelter, milking, etc. For that service you pay $15 per week board paid monthly at $65.00 and receive one gallon of milk. You just have to pick up the milk every week on the farm. You and I will decide a good day for you to pick up and we do it Monday through Saturday. We are closed Sundays. Half a share will get you half a gallon of milk per week for $8.50 a week paid monthly at $37.00. (Store goat milk is $20 or more per gallon.) 

 Jars will be needed for the amount you get and we do a rotation every week. If you get one share (gallon) per week you would need 2 jars and they are $6 each. Half a gallons are $3.00 each. 

 We do the farm tours first to show you around and explain everything. During the tour you will get to taste the products also. 

 My cheese is legal to buy without a share. It is processed in my creamery and I can sell it to you, stores, farmers markets, and restaurants.  

 If you want to set up a time for a tour please email me or call. 

Thank You for your interest. 

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