Country Winds Farm

In 1997, our daughters Rachel and Amanda started raising goats for their 4-H project. After much research into the health benefits of goat’s milk, we began drinking the milk from our goats and noticed a great improvement in our family’s overall health. The news quickly spread about the change in our health, and many of our family and friends also turned to goat’s milk. This evolved into an increase in the number of goats on our farm, a great participation in our goat share program, and eventually the development of our creamery. 

We now have over 150 Alpine and Nubian goats who are well loved and all named – yes, we know each goat by name! They happily graze on non-GMO alfalfa, which we grow on healthy soil, fertilized with manure we compost ourselves. This eco-friendly system that keeps everything happy and well sustained. The animals are not treated with any drugs, hormones, or vaccinations, and are only given antibiotics as a last resort to save them if they are sick. We believe that “we are what we eat”, and run our farm as green as possible. 

Though the farm has grown, our commitment to integrity has remained the same. We are confident you’ll agree. 

Thank you for your Interest in our farm. 

John and Mary Windemuller